Breakthrough Leadership Journey in Southern Africa

MiDDLEGROUND in partnership with the British Council ran a series of programmes for the Botswana Public Service College (BPSC) in Gaborone at the BPSC. The objective of these programmes was to enable managers in the public service of Botswana to further develop their leadership skills as to develop a more efficient public service.

It was a process over a number of months and programme cycles (three programmes). The programme brought together senior managers from across all sectors of the Botswana public service in a three day highly participatory event. They focused on enabling these senior managers to reflect on their leadership and how it is translated into better service for the community through these public officers demonstrating the highest standards of behavior, commitment and effectiveness.

The participants went through a journey that started with a focus on what it means to be a transformational leader and a change agent in an organization. They then embarked on understanding themselves more and what drives them and their actions. Thereafter they looked at a number of conceptual frameworks and got to work with them practically. At the end of the programme the participants got to bring together all their learning into an action based framework for building impact facing challenges through a breakthrough initiatives which they would tackle when they go back to work.

The last part of the process entailed supporting the participants to build a strong network between them and between cohorts to further support accountability and sustainability of the work.

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