Holy Trinity Case Study

Holy Trinity Church of England School in Kent was a school that was on the verge of special measures. It now has a team of senior leaders that are working towards achieving outstanding status. Accompanying this transformation process we started working with the school in 2011, by exploring how the spirit of ubuntu could be developed with the students, staff, governors and parents. Ubuntu is an African concept of meaning “I am because you are, because we are”. We worked with the idea of mutual respect and accountability to support learning and behaviour in the school. Staff and students now see each other and wider community of the school as holding multiple resources to further both pupil progress and the development of the school as a key hub in the community.

The work focused on leadership development for senior and middle management teams. Staff were coached to work as a team and to take up their role as leaders creating an enabling environment for others. They were supported in tackling challenges and to use crises as opportunities. This entailed working with tools to overcome individual and organisational barriers to success. Through this work the senior leaders were able to know themselves better and out of this awareness, and ability to act of a spirit of ubuntu, transform the culture and direction of the school.

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