Purposeful Education

Through training and consultancy support, MiDDLEGROUND Education enables all stakeholders in the school community to individually and collectively find, make and take up an active role in the School.

Leadership Education

Working within schools and education settings we enable adults and young people to maximise their potential for leadership and positive engagement with each other and with the institutions they co-inhabit.

We deliver inspiring and motivating leadership training and ongoing support to enable staff and students to become more aware of the systems around them and to become more impactful leaders and active members of their school.

Research and Evaluation

We frame, design and deliver research and evaluation through the use of participatory processes and an appreciative approach. This enables the research and evaluation to reveal new principles underpinning what makes for success, inspiring innovative solutions to current challenges. The methodologies deployed are creative, interactive, and people focused. A key element of the process is the engagement of as wide a group of stakeholders as possible.

We work directly with all stakeholders in the school community.