Leadership: what we do

How we do it is as important as what we do. The three main ways we work are set out below.

We develop individual leaders – in groups

For example in Dubai we brought together leaders from different sectors (corporate, government, NGO), different countries (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Malaysia) and diverse occupations (including attorney, doctor, vice chancellor, manufacturer, civil servant mandarin, state governor, PR consultant, accountant…). What they had in common was a desire to have a positive impact on their organisations, their countries and their region and during the training 46 individuals developed their own breakthrough initiatives and discovered the power of networking with each other.

Further details are given below:

We lay foundations with leadership teams

We assist leadership teams (from Boards, executive teams, to project and front-line operational teams), drawing from the powerful tools in our Modules A and B, to develop strategies addressing their ambition and key challenges mindful of the key stakeholders who need to be able to buy-in and implement change. For example we recently worked with the new leadership team of an electricity distribution company in Uganda. During the week the nine team members worked both to develop themselves as leaders and to tackle the challenges they share. What came out of this was an ambition to bring about change, a new sense of confidence, a set of agreements about how to work and a practical plan for the results they need to deliver. Facing up to the most difficult dilemmas together creates insight and clarity so that rather than producing yet another central initiative that lands uncomfortably on people, participants then enact strategy and change as part of their daily work.

We align whole systems

Often the challenge is too great for any one person, even for a leadership team to tackle, so the “system” becomes stuck: each person passive, expecting others to move while not feeling able to move themselves. For example a school is a complex human system made up of teachers, students, parents, governors, government, inspectors etc. The head or the leadership team cannot in isolation have the impact needed. So with our help they bring stakeholders into a highly interactive whole-system-in-the-room “summit” applying tools we teach in Modules A and B to both celebrate contributions to date and tap into the deeper drivers for change. We embrace leading edge practice (for example in Appreciative Inquiry, Complexity Science and Systems Thinking) to propel powerful conversations that expand understanding and enable each constituent party to adjust their contribution towards improved whole system performance. We build trust and accountability through enabled working groups that initiate, sustain and embed the change.


“I increased the power of influence within my sphere, acquired new skills for enrolling others and for being accountable to achieve my step changes.”

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